Hair Tip #1

✨Always brush your hair well from roots to ends to stimulate your scalp before you shampoo. This also may promote hair growth! Tangle teaser brush is your best friend when it comes to knots!

✨Always do two shampoos. Firstly to loosen up oil and build up and secondly to clean. (Not nessasary if you are washing everyday)

✨You should definitely have a heat protectant and leave in moisture product in your bathroom. This product is going to help keep the moisture in your hair with daily damage such as uv and heat stylers.

✨Avoid the roots when conditioning your hair. The roots of your hair is healthy and does not need the extra moisture. (goodbye greasy roots)

✨Using a fab pro personalised toner once a week for 5 mins is going to keep your hair in great condition whist also toning out unwanted yellow or enhancing your amazing brunette!



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